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Chamomile & Calendula

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Chamomile & Calendula
Chamomile & Calendula Chamomile & Calendula Chamomile & Calendula

The perfect moisture for your skin. Creamy and easily absorbed leaving your skin hydrated. Made with rich butters of shea and cocoa mixed with coconut and sunflower oils. Chamomile and Calendula combined make for a soothing and relaxing experience. Your delicate skin will be happy with the nourishing benefits. Best used after a shower and especially for the colder months ahead. 

Benefits: moisturizes dry skin. leaves skin with a glow. 

Good for: Normal, Dry, Combination skin, Full Body. We have found this product to be great for after a shower when the body is still a little damp. 

Made with all natural ingredients for quality skin care:

shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, sunflower oil, chamomile and calendula infused oil, vitamin E oil

***The oils and butters have a low melting point, so keep in mind that it might melt a little during shipment. You do not have to worry, as no beneficial nutrients will be lost if it happens to melt. Simply insert it into the fridge for a few and it will stabilize. ***

Picture shown is an 8oz

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