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Neem & Chlorella

$ 6.00

Neem & Chlorella
Neem & Chlorella Neem & Chlorella Neem & Chlorella Neem & Chlorella Neem & Chlorella

Purify your skin with our Neem, Chlorella, & Eucalyptus soap. Neem & Chlorella are plant matters, with many nutrients like Vitamin A, C, Magnesium, & Zinc, that nourish the body and give it a natural glow.

Neem in particular is an ancient tree originally from India, it is typically used to treat skin & hair conditions. Chlorella is what makes plants green, so it’s packed with many vital nutrients. Eucalyptus essential oil is added to aid with mental clarity. Freshen up with a soap full of Earth's love.

Benefits: Helps with acne, eczema, & psoriasis, Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, Provides nutrients

Good for: Problem skin, Oily skin

Made with all natural ingredients for quality skin care:

coconut oil, palm oil, shea butter, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, neem powder, eucalyptus essential oil, chlorella powder